Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sam's 3rd Birthday

Sam's birthday was July 14th so here we are celebrating! He picked a spaghetti for dinner and a blue cake with a fire engine so that is what we made. He is really into fire engines and trains right now. He got Thomas lights and sounds, the bowl/plate/cup from the cars movie and a golf set. It is great how excited they get over small things. He is so sweet and a great big brother!

Alex's baptism

We changed the baptism date so that my Aunt Lynda and Uncle Greg could be here for the baptism as they are Alex's godparents. They were here from Virginia for my brother Joey's wedding on the 18th and his baptism was on the 19th. We left the hotel this morning driving to St. Mary's in Rome for the baptism. We are so lucky they could be here for the baptism. Heath's parents also came. They haven't missed a baptism yet and we were glad they were able to make it. He was baptized by Deacon Stu Neslin who was nice enough to let Alex have his own private baptism at the 11:00 mass.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Faces of Alex

I was trying to get a picture of Alex for his baby announcement and in five minutes of trying to get pictures, I got so many interesting faces. He is a pretty good baby so far. These are at one week old.

Friday, July 3, 2009

New baby pics

I wanted to add a couple more pictures and to thank everyone again for all their prayers. We have had the most amazing experiences lately. Heath had the cut backs at work so I emailed people asking for prayers. That same day the nicest couple came to look at our house, bought it, and have been a blessing to us. They brought us dinner twice and have been so wonderful. You couldn't ask for nicer people to buy your house. Then we found our new house for the exact price we had been hoping for and it has been a blessing with an unfinished basement and room to grow, nice neighbors, and nice house. Alex was born quickly after and was born on the birthday of both the builder of our new house and the wife of the nice couple that bought our old house. My mom left on Friday after they finished moving us in and called Sunday to say she decided to come back Monday morning. Soon after she arrived I started having contractions. So what a blessing she decided to come back and was here for the kids while I was having Alex. She was able to help more because he came early. They are having lots of company soon as my brother is getting married in 2 weeks. So everything has worked out perfectly thanks to prayer.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby pics

Day 3 and things are going pretty well. Leah is jealous one minute and then giving lots of hugs the next minute. My mom is leaving tomorrow so hopefully Leah will get better soon. The others are adjusting well and want to hold him constantly.