Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow part 2

Our pitiful snowman - everyone around us had huge ones and every time I tried to build a big one, Sam thought it was funny to kick it down. So we just had a tiny one.

Mimi and Pops came over to join in the fun.

Fun to throw but not get thrown at. Daddy was a little rough!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little Bits of Everything

This blog entry is more for me than anyone else. I have several things going on now that I want to remember later on. So here is an update on what is going on.
First, Sam and Kate have become best friends. They play together non-stop. Kate is very easy going and kind and will play whatever Sam wants which is almost always puzzles or dinosaurs. His dinosaurs have lego homes and visit Little People stores and he is pretty much obsessed with them and his usual obsession with fire trucks and trains from time to time.

Sam and Heath were watching basketball a couple weeks ago (Sam wants to like everything his daddy does) and he asked Heath what the buzzer meant. Heath said they were calling a time out. Leah sat down next to Sam and he said, "Leah, the next time that sound goes off, those men are going to time out".

Brianna and Leah are continuing to be my biggest challenges so far and are a crazy tag team of getting into things they are not supposed to play with. Brianna decorated Leah's face and belly with the rest of the Halloween chapstick.

Leah was also sick for a week with a fever and is here hiding with Heath. One of her favorite places to hide.

Alex is almost 8 months now. He learned to pull up on higher things a few weeks ago. He had been pulling up on lower things for a while now. He does a very fast army crawl and loves to eat paper. He is so sweet.

Brianna made a paper chain for Ash Wednesday. She loves to make paper chains. She finished this by herself. We were thinking that next year we should make Fridays black and have some significance to the colors but she did this downstairs before I even knew what she was doing. She will remove one every day until Easter. She also read the paper on the top of the Smuckers jar today which had information about a 6 ingredient recipe contest and decided to make a 6 ingredient recipe. She mashed up bananas, peanuts, peanut butter, honey, salt, and walnuts. Leah actually loved it. Brianna also went crazy with Valentines. She cut out hearts and glued smaller Valentines and notes all over them. It took her so long per Valentine, she made very few.

I had a particularly terrible day the other day and felt horrible by the end, but today I was reading part of a blog of a woman with a daughter who is dying of cancer. Makes you love and appreciate your kids so much more. I hope I never have to experience anything like that and I pray daily for those who do. My kids and husband are such a huge blessing in my life and this lent in particular, I am trying to appreciate that blessing more.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dance Recital

Here are the girls after the performance with their hearts from Aunt Samantha.

And their roses from Pops and Aunt Jenny. On the right is Katelyn's show. The theme of the winter show is always Christian music and the spring is secular music. We love their ballet company!

Thanks to Mimi and Pops for coming and helping with the little ones!

Brianna before the show and on stage. She is the second from the right.
My sister in law Samantha that came for the performance and to our house for a get together afterwards. Then all the cousins on my side of the family. Our 5 and my sister's 2.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have had so many people ask me lately how I homeschool with 5 kids so close together. Right now I don't think it is too bad because it is just kindergarten and pre-k and the girls have picked up so much on their own but I thought I would do a short blog on what homeschooling looks like for us now. On the top is a picture of Katelyn's (age 4) journal she does each morning. The top is a box that Brianna and Katelyn each have with their journals and 1 or 2 pages of work from dollar tree or Brainquest books. Brianna and Katelyn both usually do 1st grade pages.
We usually start school with prayer, circle time songs and fingerplays which change each month, and calendar time in which they take turns writing the date on the calendar. Then we do a quick math or lang arts lesson. Then Brianna and Katelyn do journals and morning work. By then the kids are usually ready for lunch. So we eat lunch, do chores, and then when the toddler, Leah, is sleeping, the kids sit in the reading chair and take turns reading to everyone. We attempt to do science and social studies in the afternoon but I have had a hard time getting that done. We will go for a walk outside and talk about frogs or whatever we see and hear or look up some topics in the Encyclopedia at night. We have a set from 1989 that I had when I was younger. Hopefully, we will get better about that next year. I started a chart make sure they get done with chores and work. It is above. The C is for complaining and they get a play dollar when they complete it without complaining by a certain time. They get 1 dollar for chores and one for school work and they can buy something from our prize box.
I'd love to learn more about what others are doing!