Monday, March 29, 2010

Alex is 9 months!

Alex is 9 months!

I can't believe how fast he is growing up. He is so smiley and sweet! He is crawling fast, even upstairs. He loves to walk around holding our hands and is getting into everything! His first year is going by so quickly!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

School and Lent

Here are a couple more things we have been doing. We have been doing Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure which is an online free Catholic video with activities. It gave us some good ideas for Lent. One idea is the bean jar. We put a vase and container of beans on the table. Anytime someone makes a sacrifice by doing something without being asked, they get to put a bean in the jar. We have been doing this since Lent started a few weeks ago and the good deeds in our house have increased significantly. They love putting beans in the vase. The video says that at the end all the beans turn into jelly beans.
Another idea was mailboxes. Each person in the family got a mailbox as their Valentine gift this year. We have been writing lots of notes to each other. Brianna and Katelyn respond to questions I ask them and write notes back to me. Letter writing is becoming a lost art and I like the practice.
We also made volcanos with play doh. We just used homemade salt play doh. The older 3 each made their own volcanos and we put red dye, baking soda, and vinegar inside. We used the round end of a wooden spoon to make the hole. Brianna had to make a little person also but she made him run away when he saw the lava. They drew pictures in their science journals. We watched volcanos erupting on you tube and looked them up in the encyclopedias.

Leah's Birthday

February 28th was Leah's 2nd birthday. My mom and dad came for the weekend. She got a tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa which she loves and she got a phone, plates, and a few other small things from the rest of us. I can't believe she is 2. Her favorite things to say are, "what's that mommy?" and "what name, Mommy?". She talks all the time. She is not saying as many cute pronunciations anymore and is starting to talk like a big girl. She has to do EVERYTHING herself and continues to get into trouble frequently. She is so sweet though and loves to hug everyone. We love you pretty girl!