Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter part 2

Easter morning after going to church, we had an egg hunt our neighbor, Kim, did for the kids. We have the nicest neighbors and the kids LOVED that! They even got a dollar in some of them! Kim and Pete are from Cincinnati, where all my relatives are from and also go to church with us.

After the egg hunt, the kids got to open a package from my Uncle Greg and Aunt Lynda who are Alex's godparents. It was a big package and they were very excited! They got 2 movies and each got an Easter bunny! They love the bunnies and took them for stroller rides.

Here are a couple more Easter morning. Sam enjoying his chocolate and the kids finding their Easter baskets. In our family, the Easter bunny hides the baskets. Kate checked out a book from the library called Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa which she enjoys reading. She cried when we had to take it back to the library. So she got Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa, partners. Brianna got Brianna Marie Wants to be a Cowgirl (her name is Brianna Marie and the author also has a daughter named Caitlin). Sam got You Can Do it Sam, Leah got Leah's Pony and Alex got Alex the Alligator.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Alex with Pops and the kids picture. Alex is asleep in the kids picture. He didn't stay that way long.

We went to Heath's parents on Saturday for the kids to play with the cousins and have an egg hunt. Then Sunday we stayed home after church. The kids got a chocolate cross, a book, a bucket, and a few other little things in their baskets.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Family weekend

We got together with Heath's side of the family to celebrate the winter/spring cousin's birthdays. Heath's brother has 6 and with our 5, there are a lot of birthdays. The kids love their cousins and had so much fun. We also got to spend some time at my sisters house the same weekend with my sister and her husband and 2 kids, my brother Joey and his wife Crystal before he leaves for San Diego :( and my brother Chris and his wife Samantha. Was a very fun weekend!

Random photos

Our daffodils outside and a milk expiriment we did recently with milk, dish soap, and food coloring. Adding the food coloring makes neat designs in the milk and it continually changes. The kids are probably too young to understand why but thought it was cool anyway.

A random picture of the girls. This was a nice day in March when they set up the baby pool in the yard and put on their floatie swimsuits (I guess they thought they would drown in less than a foot of water). They really just wanted to wear all their swim stuff. And the next photo is the peanut butter lid. It is natural Smuckers peanut butter. I took the lid off to make the sandwitches and this is what it looked like. Trying to tell me to have a good day or something. It was dripping off the lid in this pattern. Weird!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lenten pretzels

We made whole wheat pretzels last week. The girls chose to make Jesus on the cross after going to Stations of the Cross the day before. Sam tried to follow along also. Leah kept handing me lumps of dough which I baked and she ate. They even wanted a toothpick to make the nail marks.

All of them hard at work and Katelyn with her Jesus on the cross pretzel.

Here is Sam's pretzel he made all by himself. Sorry, I didn't have time to flip the picture sideways. I thought it was a pretty good copy of his sister's work for a 3 year old.