Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alex's 1st Birthday!

So today is Alex's 1st birthday! He is the sweetest little boy just like his older brother! His favorite toy to date is any ball he can hold. He throws them all over the place and even makes baskets in our little basketball net. This has been a busy year at our house. We closed on the house we are in now on June 24th of last year and then finished moving everything out of our old house on the 28th and then along came Alex on the 29th! We also finished our 1st year of homeschooling so it has been a challenging year. I hope the next year of his life is a little less stressful for me! I have been at least a couple months pregnant by each of my children's 1st birthday parties and I am happy to have broken that tradition this year (I took a test this morning just to be sure I made it! ) We had a small birthday party Saturday with Heath's parents, sister, and my sister and her family.

Heath's mom usually makes the kids a tshirt with their picture for their birthday. It is so cute and they are all saved in their special boxes.

Alex did not like his cake. He isn't eating much and didn't like the feeling of icing on his hands.
Some facts for Alex:
Alex has 6 teeth in and 2 more breaking through.
He loves peek-a-boo.
I have trimmed his hair twice.
He has been walking really good for a while now but sometimes still prefers to hold my hand.
His favorite food is watermelon which he is eating lots of today! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lake house

I'll try to add more to this later. The kids had the best time with my cousins Seth, Paul, Ruth, and Sarah. We only see them once a year and they talk about it for the rest of the year. We are always so impressed with their family. They are such well behaved helpful kids. My kids adore them and they are great role models. All the girls do ballet so they were putting on shows for us. They went tubing with grandpas boat and enjoyed swimming off his dock. It was a great 4 days and always makes us sad we don't live closer.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


We had planned on getting caterpillars this summer but I forgot until I saw my friends blog (thanks Julie). Here are some pictures of how they looked when we first got them, them hanging upside down, and then in the crysalis. All 5 made it to butterflies but 2 were much slower than the other 3 so we waited until all 5 were out and then when Heath got home from work and we had planned to let them go, 4 were mating with each other. We decided to them them go anyway since we had been feeding 3 for about a week and they seemed anxious to get out. They were not happy we were disturbing them but flew away still attached to each other. I thought it might be neat to see them lay eggs but they seemed so ready to fly in open space. I read after the fact that this is not the best for the environment because they can spread disease to other populations and throw off the balance of populations so I don't know if we will do it next year. We may try to catch our own and put them in a cage with the plant that they enjoy eating. It was a valuable experience for the kids and I thought it was pretty neat too so I would like to do some variation of it next year. Any suggestions?

These are the butterflies mating on Sam and the one solo butterfly we had (poor loser had no mate and he/she was ready to get out of there).

Here are 2 frogs we found in our yard. They were so tiny and cute I had to put them in here too.

Here is one pair mating and the solo butterfly on Brianna's silly bands.

Kate turns 5

Kate's birthday was May 31st. We had lemon bars which are her favorite instead of cake since she had that for her friend party. She got her stroller and doll which she LOVES and were both bought on after Christmas Clearance. I am so glad that she is not to the age yet where she cares if it is an American Girl doll or not. She takes her new doll everywhere and was so excited about it.