Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alex had his first haircut on his birthday. I had trimmed the back and sides twice so it wasn't over his ears but never a full haircut. It was hard to cut off the cute little curls but he looks more grown up now.


We went to our local fountains with friends a couple weeks ago. The kids had a blast and we are going to attempt to go tomorrow for Sam's birthday with my parents as long as the rain holds off for us.

Cow Appreciation Day

We all dressed as cows (me too) on July 9th for cow appreciation day at chick fil a. The kids had a blast cutting out and taping spots and making ear headbands. We each got a free entree, side, and drink for free. What a deal. We went with our friends Caroline and Cecelia.

These last 2 pictures are copied from my friend's blog. Our camera was not working right and she was nice enough to get some group shots for us. More here: http://mommyerin.blogspot.com/2010/07/cow-appreciation-day.html