Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Racing for Cystic Fibrosis

Brianna ran a race this past Sunday in Kennesaw for Cystic Fibrosis. The daughter of 2 of my very good friends from high school has Cystic Fibrosis. Elena is the same age as Brianna. We ran/walked 3-4 nights a week for a month leading up to the race so she could see how long a mile is and not be the last one to finish. Only twice did she run the mile without walking and most of the time she complained about something hurting while she was running even though she said she wanted to go running when we started. She ran very fast during the race as Brianna is VERY competitive.

At night before going to bed, she would frequently pray, "Thank you God that we get to run the race to help Elena." I am hoping to raise more money next year and make it a yearly event for us. We just asked family for money this year, but may expand to do more fundraising next year. Our neighbor who frequently watched Brianna run offered to donate as well. So thanks Miss Kim, Dad and Mom, Jenny and Eric, Joey and Crystal! We raised enough between all of our donations to win a Nintendo Wii. I didn't think we would get anything. All I had to say to my family was something about Joel and Julie and they said, "who do we make the check out to." Joel and Julie are awesome parents. They have adopted 2 more children since each child they would have would have a chance of having cystic fibrosis and go through great lengths to fight this disease. They started the rosebuds race for kids and I admire them a lot! We forgot our camera to bring to the race but here are some pictures. The kids can't wait for next year! Here is a link to some pics of the race on Julie's blog http://goodrowgang.blogspot.com/2010/09/rosebuds-elena-ran-her-first-full-mile.html and a link to learn more about Elena and Cystic Fibrosis http://www.elenacfupdate.blogspot.com.

Monday, September 13, 2010

More School and Butterflies

Here is a little about what we have been doing in school thus far. We are on day 33 of school and are doing pretty good. Here are the kids with a pyramid we built while studying Ancient Egypt. We also made some pots and hyrogliphs while studying Ancient Egypt. We are really enjoying the story of the world which Heath reads the girls a chapter a week. We also are using the Usborne book of World History and covering history from the beginning of the world to present day.

We have finished studying the plant world in the Usborne Illustrated Book of the Natural World and finished up with mushroom week. We picked some out of the yard to compare with our store bought. The kids also found this dead butterfly down the basement and we discovered it is a Tiger Swallowtail. Then Heath found 2 caterpillars eating his carrot plants in his garden. We looked them up and they were Black Swallowtail caterpillars. We discovered that they eat parsley (it didn't list carrots but they were eating ours) so we gave one some of our parsley and it became a crysalis within a couple days of catching it. It was in the crysalis for a week and a day and then turned into a butterfly. We were excited that we didn't even have to order them