Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Puppets and sleeping

I know sleeping doesn't exactly go with puppets but here are some random things.
Here is Leah's most recent place to sleep. She has fallen asleep numerous times on the floor, at the table, even across the barstools in the kitchen. Here is the latest.

Sam's obsession with Pandas continue.

We made puppets the other day. I helped draw the shape for them to cut and they did the rest. Sam copied Kate and said he wanted a giraffe. He did all the sewing himself and then later decided he wanted a Panda so he made another one. They are all better at sewing than I would have thought and they just used a regular needle.

The girls did Leah's with her and I helped a little more with Sam's panda because he was very insistant that it look like his little panda and was getting frustrated.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend Fun

Here are the kids after we got home from our zoo trip. They all dressed like their favorite animals and came down. There are 3 blog posts in the last 2 days so you might have to go to old posts to see more.

Heath had off Friday because he had worked the previous Saturday so we took off to Atlanta to meet some friends. My friends Joel and Julie also homeschool and have a girl the same age as Brianna (I have mentioned them before in a post about Cystic Fibrosis). They also have 2 adopted children the same ages as Leah and Alex. It was so cute to watch them play and find out all they had in common. Elena would say, "I'm homeschooled" or "I'm 6 1/2" and Brianna kept saying she was too. They were even missing the same tooth they lost a week apart from each other.

Then we were off to Jenny's house (my sister) and to Stone Mountain on Saturday.
Sam pretending to be a bear in his cave.

Stone Mountain! We hiked up the mountain with our 5 and my sister's 2 kids with minimal complaining. Alex was asleep the whole way down but wanted to walk himself part of the way up.

And here is the Atlanta Zoo. We went for $5 Wal Mart family days and it was so crowded!!

Here are the kids favorites, Brianna:the elephant, Kate: the giraffe, and Sam: the panda.

And Alex doing the sign for bird while watching flamingos. He loved watching the animals.

Monday, November 15, 2010

More homeschool

Here are our clay, sand, and grass bricks molded in milk cartons. This was to show how people built their houses in Mojeno Daro (India).

We celebrated St. Therese's feast day and the feast of the Archangels. For non-Catholics, we celebrate saints feast days just like we celebrate George Washington or someone who did something great for our country, we can celebrate those who set a good example in their quest to follow God. We do not worship saints, we only ask them to pray for us, just as you might ask a friend to pray for you or talk to someone who has passed away. Many of these people were martyrs who led exemplary lives. The more people we ask to pray for us the better and who better to ask than those who were close to Christ and are in heaven with Him.

These are from our Mouse and the Motorcyle party after reading the Mouse and the Motorcycle, Runaway Ralph, and Ralph S. Mouse. I'd love to hear suggestions for other good chapter books!!

These were our plaster frescoes the kids painted for our ancient history unit.

School time

A few random pictures of Alex to start. I was taking pictures of the kids and what they do for school and he has to get some attention too!

Here are some pictures of our circle time. That is how we start the day. We do prayers and circle time songs, write the date on the calendar and the boards, do some money counting and clocks, and they do some math or lang. arts practice on their boards. Here are them doing: I'm a turkey big and fat, I spread my wings and walk like that, My daily corn I will not miss, and when I talk I sound like this Gobble, Gobble, Gobble. Some are religious, some are fun, and some are informative. We did some good Christopher Columbus ones last month but the favorite is always the silly one. Alex and Leah both know most of one from last month. Alex learned the words and motions for knock and open and Leah recites the whole thing for this one:
Knock, Knock, sounds like more, trick or treaters at my door, I open the door and what do I see, A silly, silly ________ looking at me. They each had a turn filling in the blank.

After circle time, we do page work (one page math, one page lang arts or other, and journal). Then chores, science or history, and reading depending on when Alex sleeps. We also play some sort of game in the afternoon while Alex is sleeping. Before bed we do religion and/or daddy does some social studies. Right now we are reading Little House on the Prarie and enjoying it. Some days it is hard to fit it all in with all the other errands and stuff I have to do and I would love for them to read to me more. I'd love to see what other homeschoolers do and hear suggestions.