Sunday, January 23, 2011

Belated Christmas at the lake

Here are a couple pictures of our second snow of the year. The girls didn't like the first one on Christmas day much but Leah was the one who didn't like it this time. We could barely keep the older girls in the house. Alex loved it both times.

Here are the girls with their matching girl and doll dresses they bought with Christmas money and earned from doing chores. They were half off at Kmart and the girls love them!

We celebrated Christmas with my family the weekend of January 15th this year at my parents house. I am the oldest of 5 and it is hard to coordinate schedules. So all but one of my brothers and his wife (who live in San Diego) were able to come and it was so much fun. I love my big family and we always have so much fun and laugh the whole time we are together.

My brother Chris and his wife Sam and Brianna and my sister's daughter, Grace.

Kate and Sam with my sister's son, Martin and Leah with my brother Tim.

Leah and Grace and all the cousins with Tim and Lauren

All the cousins with Sam and Chris, they are tired of pictures at this point! Kate and Sam sleeping at my parents house on the floor with his new pillow pet from Tim and Lauren and he doesn't seem to mind Kate's hand on his face.

My dad built Sam this panda cage and he painted it when we got home. He painted one bar for each person in our family in their favorite color. My parents went to Egypt in Nov/Dec this year so this is a shirt for Katelyn that has her name in Egyptian and below is Brianna with the head scarf. We enjoyed seeing all their pictures and had so much fun playing family fued on Dad's new wii we got him for Christmas. So lucky that Heath and I have the best families that are so much fun to be around!

Ballet 2011

Brianna and Katelyn had their first of 2 ballet performances this year. It was wonderfully done. My mom, our neighbor Kim, my brother Tim, and his fiance Lauren came to the performance. Tim and Lauren are now headed back to Chicago and we can't wait for their wedding in May.