Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Chattanooga

Here are a few more pictures of our fun in Chattanooga before we went to the wedding shower. Heath got some cute shots of the kids.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random pics and Tim and Lauren's shower

I am starting off with a random picture of Sam from our mall. Everyone knows he loves pandas. Then a couple pictures of our anatomy aprons. We finshed animals and started on the human body.

Then this past weekend, we went to Chattanooga for my youngest brother, Tim's, wedding shower. He is getting married to Lauren in May and will be the last of the 5 of us to get married. It was so much fun to spend some time with them in Chattanooga and go to the shower. Lauren has the nicest friends and family and we can't wait for the wedding. Here is preview of her cake that the cake decorator made for the shower. And Brianna, who fell off her bike as she skidded into the back of the neighbors bike coming down a hill the day before this picture. She is skinned head to toe and was glad she had her helmet on.

A couple pictures from the shower. The kids table had masks on each plate or other fun items like kids jewelry. Alex wore the frog mask for a long time and here he is peeking over the table.

Here are Tim and Lauren and the kids with masks on.

They were having a bank promotion in Chattanooga, so the kids got free kites and pictures with an owl.

Alex eating lunch at a pizzeria before the shower and Lauren's brother, Brad, who the girls loved.

This is the carousel in Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. They had an elephant and giraffe but no panda. :( Sam managed to find another animal to ride.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random bits

We finsihed up studying animals this year and will now study the human body for the remainder of the year. We follow most of the Well-Trained Mind's curriculum. They sang our animal songs with their favorite animals on their heads. We also just finshed the play of the Three Little Pigs. For Leah's birthday, my mom made her a nightgown that matches her baby's nightgown. Our friend also made her a diaper bag with an "L" on it. She fell asleep hugging it and didn't want to take off the nightgown the next morning. What talented friends and family we have!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leah's Birthday, 3 years old!

Happy 3rd Birthday Leah!! All the kids were so excited to see Leah open her presents and the day was dragging by with all the thunderstorms. They asked when daddy would be home every few minutes. Leah got an Annabell baby like her big sisters and a walking dog with a leash.

She wanted a m&m duck cake so this is the best we could do. The cake was breaking and hard to work with for some reason but she was happy with it.

Leah is definately stubborn and a big challenge sometimes but she can also be very sweet and loving. Birthdays are so much fun and we had a great day! Love you Leah!!!