Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brianna's Birthday

This picture didn't turn and I don't have time to figure out how to edit so anyway, it is Brianna's brownie cake. The kids are into animals and M&M cakes this year. Brianna loves elephants. My kids only get a friend party once every 5 years but we let Brianna and Kate have a sleepover with their best friends this year. They were in heaven. Their friends are in school and they don't get to spend as much time together anymore. They have known each other since they were 8 months and 1 1/2. They spent 24 hours together and wanted even more. I had 7 kids for most of the time and time went by so quickly.

As I put in the Easter post, Brianna had been saving since Christmas for an American Girl doll so she finally got one and she wanted the same one Emma has. Her favorite meal is Cincinnati Chili spaghetti and everyone loved it. Then we had brownies and rasberry simply lemonade (pink). For breakfast, whole wheat pancakes with homemade whipped cream with a little real maple syrup in the whip cream.

Alex loved holding their baby sister Eden. He cried when we took her away so you can see the tear rolling down his cheek after he happily got to hold her again. So sweet!

I am so glad Emma and Myah were on spring break for Brianna's birthday and got to spend the night. She had such a special birthday and was so excited the whole time. Thanks Erin for letting me borrow your sweet girls for the night!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tons of pictures, Easter 2011

We went to my parents lake house for Easter this year. We had an egg hunt that our neighbor did for the kids, one at church, one in my parents town, and my dad did one in the back yard.

Brianna is really enjoying posing for pictures now. Kate and Brianna both got the mini-American girl dolls. We celebrated Brianna's birthday with my parents and they gave her money for her American Girl Doll and my mom sewed her some matching jammies. They have elephants on the fabric, her favorite animal. We told her we were not getting her the American Girl Doll because no one in our family spends even close to that much money on a gift so she has saved her money since Christmas and earned enough by her birthday thanks to my grandparents, Heath's mom, my mom, and our neighbor, plus her money from chores. She got very little else for her birthday and didn't care one bit. She loves this doll!

Sam got the book, "Sam Panda and the Thunder Dragon". The book is so-so but he loves it and the panda's name is Sam so what could be better. Leah and Alex got golf clubs which they were so excited about!

And we went strawberry picking at a nearby farm. They had alpacas and sheep. Alex insisted the mama sheep (who had just had a baby a few days earlier) was a lion, roooaar! It was the only non-shaved sheep.

At the Easter egg hunt in my parents very small town, they have tons of eggs all empty except for 100 that have numbers. They call the numbers in random order for the kids to pick prizes. Those who do not get a number are given a prize. My kids got very few eggs and 3 of them got no numbers but Brianna did get lucky and get the special egg which was for the special prize - a bike. She acted like she didn't care and wasn't excited even though she got her picture in the local paper, until we got back to my parents house. Then she was very excited.