Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kate's 6th Birthday

Kate turned 6 on May 31st. She loves lemon bars and wanted those instead of cake. So I didn't want to put icing on it. I used yellow colored sugar to make some sort of giraffe. She got the Katelyn doll from Target and the game Guess Who. The doll comes with a book about Katelyn and her name is spelled the same so she decided she didn't want to save for an American Girl Doll yet. She liked this one better.

Tim and Lauren's Wedding

Tim and Lauren and my brother Joey and my mom
below is Ruthie and Sarah (my cousins) with my kids who adore them

Kate was closest to the bouquet when it hit the ground so she got it.
The cake has pictures of everywhere they have been together.

We went to my youngest brother, Tim's, wedding in Nashville the weekend of May 21st. Tim is the last brother of the 5 of us kids. I am the oldest and felt like my little baby was getting married. Several people who have known us our whole lives made that comment at the wedding, that I must feel like it was my baby in a way too. Now my mom did way more than I did in raising him but I was almost 8 years older than him and at the time, loved being a little mommy to him. We were inseparable for a long time. I remember the day he was born and the teacher coming and telling me at school and I remember him sitting on my lap in a bean bag chair as a tiny infant and talking to him constantly watching the other kids play. I changed his cloth diapers, sang him songs, and read him good night stories. I loved every minute of it. I even got made fun of by some friends because they said I talked about him too much. He made me a heart cookie in front of his friend when I came home from college. On the way there, we stopped at a Children's Museum in Murphesburo, Tennesse. The kids had a great time.
Here are all the cousins at Vanderbuilt University before the wedding and some at the reception. Leah was a flower girl with her cousin, Grace and I read the 2nd reading so with that and all the other kids, we didn't get pictures at the ceremony :( So here are some from the reception.
My brother Chris and his wife Samantha