Monday, July 18, 2011

Sam's 5th birthday

Sam had banana cream pie on his actual birthday because we still had panda cake from the party. That is my favorite dessert and my mom's old recipe so I didn't mind making another dessert. :)

We gave him a bin of legos I got on ebay and a panda hat also from ebay that he wants to wear for Halloween this year. He also got a new small fur real panda because his old one can't be machine washed and is beyond hand washable. He decided to keep the old one though so they could be "brothers". Here are some pictures from his party on July 9th.

Here are some pictures from the panda pool party. Then, we had a small family celebration on his birthday. We made one panda pinata and bought another. My mom made cute panda jammies for Sam and his panda. Most of the pictures are on facebook but here are a few for the blog.

Stone Mountain Weekend

We went to Stone Mountain with our friends, the Goodrows, and my sister and her family this past weekend. The kids all enjoyed seeing each other. They were all shy with our friends at first as we rarely get to see each other and then they warmed up quickly.

Aren't Alex and Emily the cutest!!

And of course the rest of the kids were cute too! Brianna loves playing with Elena and the new baby, Everett, is a very cute, very well-behaved baby to sit through the laser show!

Thanks Jenny for letting us visit and spend time with your family and thanks for meeting us at the laser show and letting us spend time with your family, Goodrows!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Alex's 2nd Birthday

Alex's 2nd birthday was on June 29th. He had a cow cake. The kids put on green sprinkles for grass and his plastic cow. He was so excited. He was saying, "My put cow on cake" over and over. He sang Happy Birthday with us and I wish I had gotten it on video. He says his name as "Axe" right now. Then our neighbors came over for cake and brought him a gift. He got cleaning supplies from them which he squealed over and loved and legos and a little panda from us so he will stop taking Sam's panda. I love this age because of all the cute things they say. They are still cuddly but don't need to be held all the time. I love being able to fully enjoy this age without another baby in the house as well.