Sunday, October 9, 2011


We went to the zoo recently. The library has a program where we put our name on a waiting list and then have 24 hours to pick up the video whenever our name is up. Then we have 7 days to watch and return it. We get free passes for 2 adults and 2 children and 7 more days to go to the zoo from the date we return the video. Our name finally came up after over 6 months on the list and luckily we were able to go. We only had to pay for 2 kids and we went on a Thursday so the zoo was not crowded at all which was great!

The pandas were very active. The last time we went, the baby had just been born and was only on video. The other pandas were asleep. This time the mom and baby were interacting a lot. The baby was playing on the hammock and even started to fall off the edge. The mom caught it and pulled it back over the edge. The kids loved watching it.

All the kids enjoyed the petting zoo but this is the closest Alex got to petting anything.

Brianna's favorite is the elephant. We only got a tiny glimpse last time we were at the zoo so we were excited to see them closer this time.

Kate's favorite animal is the giraffe. A new baby giraffe had just been born in July so Kate was excited to see the baby, Lily. Overall a great visit to the zoo!


We took the kids camping with Heath's parents last weekend for a 3 day weekend. It was pretty cold that weekend getting into the 30's at night but we still had a good time. We brought his parents canoe and old pop-up camper and his parents recently bought a very nice newer camper that they brought. Heath wants to go tent camping soon.

Leah loves ducks and was very excited to feed some.

Heath's grandma sent some light up balls with his mom and they played with those all night.

Alex riding in the canoe in the gravel.

Alex loved walking and playing with Miles, Heath's parents' dog. Sam learned to skip rocks and was the only one to do it several times. The other kids weren't as interested.

Heath's mom got them bug catchers. They each caught a few and then filled them with dirt the rest of the time. Look how dirty Kate's pants are!
Crystal, this next picture is for you! Our pine cones are not as big as the ones you found camping in California.

Heath's parents also made them a rock climbing rope.

The 3 girls spent the night in the nice camper but Heath's dad realized in the middle of the night when the propane alarm went off that the stove had accidentally been nudged and had been on most of the day. It is way too easy to nudge on but now we know to watch it. We were lucky no one was hurt.
Everyone got to experience camp showers that night after getting marshmallow in hair and dirty head to toe.

Here is Heath cooking in cast iron outside, one of his favorite things to do while camping. He cooked chili and grilled cheese. Yum!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lake, School and my birthday

We made models of the moon with oreos. We are studying Earth Science and Astronomy this year in science and medieval times in History.

We got some hand-me-down clothes from neighbors and the girls picked this out for Alex. Bribe pictures for later in life.

We went to my parents lake house Labor Day weekend because Joey and Crystal came in from San Diego. My pregnant sister in law Samantha and my pregnant sister and her family also came. Lots of new grandkids coming! It was weird to not be the one having them though. When I woke up, the kids were already in my parents room where my dad is usually entertaining them.

Martin and Sam were explorers on the rocky shore and Alex went back and forth between Daddy and Grandpa "rampa my buddy". Kate and Brianna enjoyed playing little mommy to Grace.
For my birthday, my sweet friend Erin, had a birthday cake made for me. It had a B on the front and then I went out to say good bye to her and her 3 girls who had come over to play. When I got back, the B was gone and some fingerprints were all over parts of the cake. Anyone who knows our family well knows that Leah was the culprit.
Our neighbor, Kim, also had a birthday lunch for me and invited our other sweet neighbor, Karen.