Saturday, November 26, 2011

All Saints Day

We celebrate All Saints Day on November 1st. This is our first year having an All Saints Party. Hopefully it will become an annual tradition. For non-Catholics, All Saints Day and All Souls Day the day after were the root of Halloween. We do not worship saints. Just as prayer is talking to God, we also pray, or talk to saints, who we believe are in heaven. As we ask our friends here on earth to pray for us, we believe that we can also ask saints to pray for us. We do not think they answer our prayers, God does, but as people who are in heaven with God, they can pray for us. We learn about historical figures like George Washington, why not learn about people who have lived their faith in extraordinary ways. Many saints were martyred for their faith all lived faith filled lives we can aspire to. I personally have had many prayers answered through the intersession of the saints.

We played all saints bingo, dressed as saints, did a saint cake walk, and ate saint related foods. Leah and Cecelia dressed as St. Therese and St. Clare. Brianna was Mary "queen of all saints", Katelyn was Kateri Tekawitha, Sam was Saint Nicholas. Sam is very excited about bringing everyone presents this year!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tellus and mom and dad visit

My mom and dad came for a few days which is always such a help! My dad and Heath built these stairs going down our deck. Now we can actually go out the back door and access the back of the house. We took a mid-week break and went to the Tellus Museum while Heath was working.

Thanks so much for your help Mom and Dad. It is so much less stressful when you are here.


For Halloween, we had zorro, a unicorn, spiderman, an indian, and a fairy. We went to a lot of houses and have way too much candy around!