Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dance, Presentation, and visitors

The girls had their dance performance on January 21st.  My parents came to watch.  We had a fun weekend and they did a great job!
 On February 2nd the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of the Presentation.  We read the Bible reading of the Presentation which was 40 days after Jesus' birth and have some foods to symbolize parts of the story.  The pretzels symbolize Simeon's praying arms and the toothpicks stand for swords (since I couldn't find any little party swords) piercing Mary's heart (as Simeon tells her will happen to her).  We happen to put these on our Valentines heart shaped tray.  Black olives represent Anna because she was a widow and they traditionally wore black.  The Feast of the Presentation is sometimes called Candlemas (because of Simeon saying Jesus would be a light of revelation to the Gentiles) so we also made candles out of cookies stuck with a rolled wafer cookie and a marshmallow on top.  I got these ideas from some Catholic blogs who do a more in depth version but we usually just do simplified versions.  Last year our friends used dove shaped cookie cutters to make dove sandwiches but they were sick this year so we didn't do a bigger party.

 My sister brought her kids for the weekend this weekend to visit.  The kids love playing with Martin and Grace.  We will hopefully see them one more time before my sister has her new baby in March.