Monday, April 23, 2012

Brianna's Birthday, baby baptisms, and more

 Here is an outfit Brianna got for her 8th birthday.  And a shot of her Hello Kitty earrings.  She did so good getting the pierced.  She didn't wince or cry and smiled through it all.  I was a little hesitant to do the stainless steel but she really wanted Hello Kitty which they didn't have in gold.  So far I am loving the 8's.  She has been more helpful and very responsible about her ears.  I am going to try to enjoy the last few years before the pre-teens hit!
 We found a turtle while we were draining our neighborhood pool for repairs.  It is fenced in and we still don't know how this fairly large turtle got in.  We kept her for a few days and then let her go.
 We went to my parent's house this past weekend for a double baptismal ceremony.  I got to see my new niece and nephew.  They did a money egg hunt.

 We celebrated Brianna's birthday again!

 Here is my sister's son and daughter.

 My sister, her husband, who was still suffering a little from back surgery, and their new baby Claire.

 Here is my brother Chris and his wife Samantha and their new baby Zachary.
 Zachary and Claire are a little more than a month apart.

 Alex loves his buddy Grandpa and couldn't wait to go see him.  He always brings orange clothes because that is Grandpa's favorite color.
 All the kids held Zachary, but the short weekend went by way too fast.

 Here are all 9 grand-kids.  By the time 2012 is over, there will be 11 with many more to come (hopefully from my brothers and sisters and not as many (or any) from us!!)
 Brianna will celebrate her first communion in just 3 weeks.  She has to turn her banner in for them to hang on the sides of the pews this Wed. so we were finishing it up.  She was VERY specific about what she wanted.  She had me attempt to draw Jesus on felt so she could cut it out and glue it all on.  She wanted to do the last supper with all the apostles since that was the true First Communion but I talked her into settling for Jesus and the table.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Easter Pics.

 Here are some pictures from Heath's parents house the day before Easter and then after mass Easter morning.  They are eating the cross lollipops we made from Jolly Ranchers.

 Sam found a friend his age.  Heath's cousin Jason's girlfriend has a son his age and the kids loved playing together.


Easter morning and Easter ideas

 I let the kids have a couple oreos and they came up with this idea.
 This is after St. Mary's egg hunt.  I forgot to take my camera with me but the kids had a blast!
 Here is what they woke up to on the counter Easter morning.  Their Easter baskets are hidden which is my family's tradition.  The green bucket is Heath's. ( I did not give the kids frozen margaritas).  My aunt and uncle who are Alex's godparents sent little gifts for the kids which they opened after church Sunday morning.  Our usual bean sacrifice jar had turned into Jelly beans.

 We had Resurrection Rolls on Sunday.  I made a wheat roll recipe. Then the kids coated a large marshmallow in melted butter and then cinnamon sugar mix.  They wrapped the dough around the marshmallow and I baked them.  When they come out, they are empty in the middle, like the empty tomb.  The white marshmallow symbolizes Jesus and his purity, our sins are the cinnamon, and then Jesus is alive after they are baked.  I got this idea from a Catholic blog and I love it!

 Here is Jesus' tomb.
 Now the stone is rolled away and the tomb is empty.
We also made crosses from Jolly Ranchers which we brought to Heath's parents house the day before Easter but I forgot to get pictures.