Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Luke arrives!

Luke Michael arrived at 11:40 PM on Tuesday, June 10th.  It was unlike my other labors which were all strong, fast, and short.  His started before I woke up Tuesday morning but were mild all day until around dinner time.  They still weren't bad.  I took the kids to Wal Mart earlier in the day to get some last minute things just in case he did come that day and then around dinner time, my mom had arrived and we went to the library.  She got to our house just in time.  Around 8, contractions was getting more intense and around 10 I went in our room by myself.  We left for the hospital a little before 11 and by the time we walked up, I needed to push.  They put me in the room and tried to get me not to push while they did all the paperwork and got everything ready and then after a couple pushes, he was here.  It went really well and I was so glad to have the doctor that delivered!!  He was awesome and his wife had natural deliveries as well. 

Alex turns 3!

 Alex turns 3!!!  Here he is mixing up the frosting.  He went back and forth between a cow cake, lion cake, frog cake, and woody cake but eventually decided on the Woody cake.

 He got woody jammies and an icee machine from Grandma and Grandpa who came to help celebrate and help get us ready for baby #6.  Grandpa stained the deck and swingset in the 108 degree weather we had the last couple days.