Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Myrtle Beach 2012

Here is Alex 2 years ago at our last beach trip.  He was one and he picked up sand and threw it the entire trip.  We got out to the beach the first night, and Alex picked up sand and threw it for the entire night.  I have almost identical pictures from both trips although when he picked up the sand as a 3 year old, his head didn't touch the sand.
 My parents hired a professional photographer who gave us the CD of all the pictures at the beach so we are able to copy as many as we want.  So many of them were great, I am only putting a few on here.

 My youngest brother and his wife with the kids.
 My brother Joey and his wife with the kids.

 Girls with their cousin Zachary.
 My brother with Luke.

 Leah and Grace are almost the same age.
 So are Sam and Martin.


 Someone yelled for my dad to pick my mom up while they were posing, so he can't let that slide by without doing it and being theatrical about it!
 The 5 kids... oldest to youngest.

 Leah with the hat the neighbor gave her before the trip.

 My brother in law with Claire, their newest baby.

Thanks mom and dad for an awesome trip.  Wish we all lived closer and could see each other more often, we are spread from Charleston to San Diego and Seattle.  I miss them all so much and wish we could be closer!