Sunday, November 4, 2012

All Saints Party

All Saints Day is celebrated Nov. 1st.  We remember all those in heaven who have set a good example for us in life.  Halloween is All Saints Eve.  Here are our All Saints snacks: 
St. Bernadette's firewood
St. Francis' friends 
                                                                 St. James' Fish
                                                                 Juan Diego's chips and salsa
                                                     Saints cupcakes for the cupcake walk
                                                             Heavenly Halos
                     Tonsure Treats (for St. Francis and other saints with the Fransiscan haircut)
                                                            St. Gabriel's Trumpets
 We had a few families over to celebrate.  We love having other homeschool families that go to our church.  We had 3 families which included 11 girls, no boys over for the party.  Our homeschool friends with boys couldn't come.  Here are a few pics of the saints:

                                                              saint bingo

                                                                        crown Mary

                                                            Juan Diego's rose toss

                                                                    cupcake walk

 On another note... I walked in the other day and see Alex up on the windowsill.  They said they were pretending he was Jesus on the cross.  Then the 2 people on either side joined him on their crosses.

 Here is a neat experiment I found.  We are doing chemistry this year.  We added sugar to water and then used a dropper to layer them with the most sugar to least sugar.

 Alex insisted that this shampoo can not be used on people.  He said it was duck shampoo.  Then after I told him it was people shampoo he said, Oh you can use it on ducks AND people!  Maybe that is just cute to me but I miss those cute things they say as they grow up!

Halloween 2012

 Here are our costumes for Halloween 2012.  Little Mermaid, lion, purple fairy, Winnie the Pooh, "Cookie Monster" (even though the costume is the monster from Monsters, Inc. and pink fairy.  We went trick or treating on Broad Street with a couple other homeschool families.
 Here are the boys, no this is not Halloween but they found the swords with the Halloween stuff.  Then they immediately started sword fighting.  The policeman vs. the fireman...

 Decorating and carving pumpkins was the easiest ever.  I didn't have to do a thing but sit on the couch, hold Luke, and watch the kiddos.  They drew faces, emptied seeds, and carved by themselves this year.  They colored small pumpkins and we roasted and ate the seeds from the large ones.  We tried a trunk or treat at church that evening too.  We had plenty of candy to eat and send overseas to our troops.  Happy Halloween!