Monday, December 17, 2012


We have been following the lead of another homeschool family (I love stealing ideas) and doing a hot chocolate and poetry session on Monday during breakfast.  It does make Monday more bearable and the kids have really taken an interest in poetry.  My Uncle Joe (a poetry professor and published poet) would be proud.  We started with Jack Prelutsky's Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry at the recommendation of a friend.  The kids LOVE this book and it has given them a great start.  We got it from the library and had to finish it more quickly than I wanted but it was fun anyway.

Sky Haiku
The sky is white-blue
And it is almost like glue
The clouds are cotton
By: Brianna

Coney poem
 One day, I asked my mother                                                            
While I was eating a coney                     
If I could have another                                           
Side of macaroni
Mama may I squeeze                                      
On my big huge coney                                            
A little bit of cheese                                 
With a slice of pepperoni

By:  Brianna

If you have read Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry, you can tell that Katelyn especially loves it because this was written in the style that Jack Prelutsky writes.  He tells about how he came up with the ideas for his poems.  

One day while we were doing school, an idea popped into my head.  I remembered the time that I was not in a happy mood.  I did not want to do anything at all so I decided to write a poem about it.  I kept thinking about what the title was going to be and figured it out.  It’s called, I don’t want to do that.  Here it is:

I don’t want to do that

I don’t want to do that
Oh nothing at all
Not school, not my board
Oh nothing at all

Oh I don’t want to do that
Oh nothing at all
Not math, not reading
Oh nothing at all

Oh I don’t want to do that
Oh nothing at all
Not cleaning, not eating
Oh nothing at all

By:  Kate

Thanks Angela!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

out of room

The blogger will no longer let me update the blog without paying.  I have reached my max amount of space.  Does anyone have a simple way around this?  Should I ditch this blog and start another or stop blogging altogether?  I can't do anything very time consuming at the moment.