Sunday, November 3, 2013

October sum up

October Sum Up - I am starting my own small business which is time consuming so posts will be few and far between.  Here are some of our October events:  the Creative Discovery Museum, Halloween, and Heath's 40th birthday.  My bath and body products will be in a local store starting Thursday and I am excited and nervous!  Wish me luck!

Here is Luke's new "camera smile".  I have about 10 pictures of him like this with a mouthful of raisins, I'll spare you the close-ups!

Luke was obsessed with the bees.  He sat here for about 15 minutes (LONG for a one-year old) looking at the bees and watching them come in and out of the hive.


Monday, September 16, 2013


 We had the kids make a boat that would float so they could take it down to the pool and swim with it before the pool closed.  They tested their boats in the bathtub first.  Luke can't see the bathtub without wanting to get in too.  Brianna's tipped over at first so she changed several things until it floated.

 Heath likes taking pictures of Luke in random places, here is one...  I find these on the camera later when I go to upload them.
 Katelyn made a model of the solar system so of course, Leah wanted to do that for her project.
 Alex built the "White House" after he saw Brianna's white house.  There is a chair for the president inside.
 Kate and Sam worked together to do a project on Williamsburg and built it out of legos.

Monday, August 26, 2013

White House

Brianna's recent project was the White House.  She learned about the different rooms, who has lived there, and several other things.  I am really enjoying seeing their interests although still having trouble motivating them to work on their projects sometimes.  Here is what she built.

Brianna needs a deadline or she will never finish because although she enjoys things, she is a procrastinator and will not finish projects unless there is an incentive most of the time.  The book Project Based Homeschooling recommends not using deadlines but she just wasn't working on it.  She starts several things but has a hard time finishing.  I must admit I am the same way.  I'd love suggestions about this if anyone has any.  Thanks to a friend for the project idea.  I am really enjoying seeing what they come up with.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Jamestown project

For his project, Sam wanted to build Jamestown.  We visited Jamestown in late May just before my cousin's wedding in Virginia.   He started in a plastic bin and realized that was too small so he changed to a big box lined with a trash bag.  He used parts of oatmeal containers for the bulwarks (rounded parts) and Popsicle sticks for the rest.  We bought the Jamestown Toob at Michaels.  They have tubes of plastic figures for all sorts of things.  We also have the Powhatan Indian set which he put outside the fort area like they were at Jamestown although in 1607 they were actually miles apart.  He left the cartons open for chimneys.  Some milk cartons are also chicken coups.  He even made a hole in one of the bulwarks for a cannon or gun as they had in Jamestown.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Luke turns 1!

Luke turned one on July 10th.  We celebrated his 1st birthday at my parent's house since we happened to be going there on his birthday anyway to see my brother from Seattle and his 8 month old baby.  Here are a few out of order pics.  (Blogger is not being nice to me today.)   He demolished his "cake" which is unlike our other kids and he even liked tearing the paper off presents.  He can walk all over the house but still prefers to hold someone's hand while he walks.  He says ball, cat, dog, mama, dada, and several other words that he is at least close enough for me to understand.  He LOVES to climb.  I pull him off the table at least a few times a day and had to pull him off the top of my parents bunk bed ladder at least twice.  His brothers and sisters adore him and hardly let him walk with all the hugging and picking up.