Friday, March 22, 2013

Princess Ball and Basketball

 In February, the girls went to the Princess Ball with their dad. Our church always does this in February and the girls look forward to it.  I usually take the boys somewhere so I took them to Sonic.

 Brianna played basketball this year instead of doing dance as she has for the last 4 years.  She wanted to try something new.  We only allow one sport per person because of time and finances so she chose basketball.  Katelyn is still doing ballet this year and Sam is about to start baseball season.  Brianna had a great season.  She is not aggressive and didn't get the ball much but is great at shooting baskets.  She says she wants to play again next year so hopefully she'll get some practice in the off season.  She met a really nice homeschool friend in the process who lives nearby and she had a great time.

 Luke finally got his first bath in the tub at 7 months.  We only bathe our children weekly - I know, call the authorities on me!  With the first baby we bathed them all the time and it has just gotten less so with each baby.  I've heard it is bad for their skin anyway and we've had less rashes and issues bathing less frequently. They don't go to school either which would probably make me want to bathe them more often.  Anyway, since birth I have just brought Luke into the shower with me periodically to wash him off.   I finally decided to try him in the tub with his brothers.  He LOVED it!  He splashed and was so excited and now crawls over to the tub and tries to get in.  Now I have let him have baths more often (or at least play in a small amount of water in the tub).  He tries to stand up frequently and crawl around the tub though so watching him in the tub is a job!