Friday, June 14, 2013

Colonial Kids

 Here are a few of the pictures of the kids after Williamsburg.  The outfits keep changing.  Sam has since made himself a drum.  Brianna made the dress for Katelyn (below) with safety pins and extra fabric.  She also tried making hoops for her dress but it didn't go as well as she hoped.

 We also had a colonial dinner of stew (that is what the cooks told us their diet consisted of), apple pie (with rosewater - from the website, and potato bread (also from the recipes on the website).

 Luke now puts one foot on his tray to let us know he is done eating!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wedding Fun

 We went to my cousin's wedding in Virginia which was the reason behind our Williamsburg and Jamestown trips.  We had fun seeing family that we usually only see at weddings.  We love an excuse to get together.  Above is Luke "playing" with his cousin Zachary.  Below, my cousin Laura and her family.
 The kids are seated and ready for the wedding.
 My sis in law and nephew.
 My cousins (who are much younger than me) are my kids favorite people to get together with and they immediately ask if they will be there when we say we are going to a family function.
 My Aunt Barb was Sam's favorite person to hang out with.  She is also his godmother.

 My Cousin's son and husband were so much fun at the reception.

 Alex got to see his godparents (the father and mother of the groom) and he had the best time finally seeing the people he talks about all the time.  If there is a question I can't answer, he says, "Maybe the godfathers will know."  They send him gifts and he LOVES to write them notes.
 My uncle playing baseball with Sam.
 Alex and his godparents.

 Some of the crew the day after the wedding.
Thanks Lynda and Greg for a very fun time and to Matthew and Victoria for your beautiful wedding.  They looked so happy and I am confident they will have a long and happy life together!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


 Here was day one of our trip.  We drove to Jamestown first and got to see the Indian village and the settlement.  This was very cool and the kids who have been very interested in Indians were excited to see it.

 A skunk skin behind Leah.  They had several people dressed in the Powhatan Indian outfits answering questions which was very interesting.  We learned how they make the canoes, how to scrape fur off deer with seashells, how they hunted, and many more interesting facts.

 These were replicas of the 3 ships that the settlers used to come to Jamestown, very neat!  I would not want to have been one of those people crammed underneath in a small space with no bathrooms (just tins - one man's job was to throw the waste off back of the ship so it wouldn't blow toward them and people today complain about their jobs!

 I found it very interesting that this little church (which I guess was the Anglican church) has the Apostles Creed in the front which says, "I believe in the Holy Catholic Church".
 Everyone took a turn at the pulpit.

 He demonstrated how to fire the musket.

 Jamestown was much smaller than I thought it would be.  They said it was only slightly smaller than the actual settlement which is now an archaeological dig site.