Saturday, July 20, 2013

Luke turns 1!

Luke turned one on July 10th.  We celebrated his 1st birthday at my parent's house since we happened to be going there on his birthday anyway to see my brother from Seattle and his 8 month old baby.  Here are a few out of order pics.  (Blogger is not being nice to me today.)   He demolished his "cake" which is unlike our other kids and he even liked tearing the paper off presents.  He can walk all over the house but still prefers to hold someone's hand while he walks.  He says ball, cat, dog, mama, dada, and several other words that he is at least close enough for me to understand.  He LOVES to climb.  I pull him off the table at least a few times a day and had to pull him off the top of my parents bunk bed ladder at least twice.  His brothers and sisters adore him and hardly let him walk with all the hugging and picking up.