Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

 Here are the pictures of Christmas Eve and morning.  Sam's favorite was Legos.  He really wanted the Lego Police Station but it was $119 so we told him that was too much and he would have to earn it like the girls did with their American Girl Dolls.  The kids get 3 gifts each from "Santa" and one from mom and dad.  We don't spend over $30 per gift with 6 kids.  I don't want to have kids that get everything they want.  I like kids who don't get everything they want because I feel like too many kids are spoiled nowadays and people expect to get what they want all the time and don't have a sense of delayed gratification or working toward something or even accepting it when things don't go their way or they don't get what they want.  I know too many adults that way and one of my best lessons from childhood was not getting the doll I wanted.  I promise that is the end of my soap box but that is just to explain our Christmas.
 Unfortunately, Christmas afternoon the kids started sleeping a lot, weird since they actually slept in and Heath and I woke up at 8:30, shocked that we had slept in!  Great Christmas gift from the kids after having been up late a lot the week before.  They were getting sick.  Several kids came down with a fever by Christmas night and two woke up throwing up that night.  It was a little over a 24-hour stomach bug with fever but it kept my parents from coming for more than a few hours.
 Alex got a colonial costume.  Alex also got a Backyard Adventures vest, Legos, and Playmobil cowboy set.  Leah got the camera, the tiny Dora gymnastics girl, and a scooter.  Sam got Legos, the Backyard Adventures vest, and the Playmobil camper. Kate got My Little Pony CD player, My Little Pony Castle, and My Little Pony car.  Brianna got Hello Kitty CD player, Hello Kitty Jewelry hanger, and Hello Kitty Backpack.

 Christmas Eve pictures after Heath's parents house and church.
 Luke was not in the mood after all that...

 Leah got Dora and Boots skating from Heath's parents, she loves them!
 Luke now LOVES presents and couldn't wait for his turn!

 Leah got this camera but we already had to exchange it.  I bought it months ago when I found it on clearance so I was happy they took it back and we were able to exchange it.

 The girls made monkey bread out of Brianna's cookbook.  I made the dough in my bread maker and the girls made this on Christmas Eve.  Nice to have some older girls to help now!  After the holidays, we are going wheat free again.  We originally did it for Sam who has a gluten intolerance since he was a baby and we finally figured out what it was.  It seemed to help the whole family.  Heath has had terrible hereditary heartburn his whole life.  It went away after a month without wheat.  Heath's heartburn was coming back so we are starting up again!  Glad he isn't one of those people who just medicates things.
 Alex got a sticker book from his godparents, Thanks Greg and Lynda.  He LOVES it and it was his favorite gift of Christmas when I asked him!