Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brianna's American Girl 10th Birthday!

Brianna's party started with a spend the night.  Two girls spent the night and they had a great time.   Then when the party started the next day, the first thing they did was decorate jars.  This was Molly's stain glass jars activity from Molly's Activity Book.  We decorated with tissue paper, added a candle, and then put an American Girl sticker on the jar.
 Then everyone ate American Girl themed foods like Molly's Victory Garden Platter, Josefina's Chips and salsa, Emily's fruit kebabs, and Samantha's Tea Sandwiches.

 We had Felicity's Hoop and Stick Game but they mostly just Hoola Hooped.

 We made a pinata which was quite the challenge.  Brianna requested flower shaped.  So we made a balloon pinata, then lots of smaller balloon pinatas, and then attempted to paper mache them all together while the whole thing was still wet.  I know from experience that if you wait until it is dry and re-wet it, the balloon has shrunk and the whole thing looks like a shriveled mess.  So anyway, she carefully decorated the pinata with American Girl stickers and even wanted to match the colors of tissue paper to the girls.  It was Josefina's pinata so she was in the middle.  Molly was red, white, and blue.  Julie was on ivy tissue paper which is her friends name in the books, etc.

 We did a twist on a pinata this year because I hate how one kid cries because they didn't get enough when we go to pinata birthday parties.  We put goodie bags inside the pinata with the girls names on the bags and they had to find theirs when it broke.  We also had jewelry sets inside so each person could get a necklace making kit to do next.  We bought the rub on jewelry set from Michaels.

 Brianna, like myself, is not a fan of cake so she wanted brownies and ice cream sundaes.  She really wanted the Hello Kitty candle set which didn't fit with her Hello Kitty theme but she loves Hello Kitty as well.

 Then present time and play time.  We are lucky to have the nicest friends with the nicest kids.  It was stress free and fun with very polite and kind girls.