Friday, July 11, 2014

May - catch up

Kate celebrated her 9th birthday at the end of May.
 We went to the Chattanooga Zoo with Heath's family.  His sister got us a family pass for the year and the kids loved it.  Chattanooga is a great city and the zoo is really neat.  Thanks Melissa!

                                             We celebrated Grandma's 60th at the lake.
Sam celebrated his 1st communion in May.

 Sam played another season of baseball this year.  Last year they were league champions, this year, not so much.  They only won one game.  He still had fun though!

 Blogging has been almost impossible for me lately but I am trying to at least put a few pictures in!! I want to remember some of the cute things the kids said or did too.  Alex asked Grandpa if he had ever seen a dinosaur (completely serious face).  To which Grandpa replied, "a real one?" and Alex said, "yeah."  Guess we need some dinosaur lessons.  Leah asked me if her top two teeth were her big teeth and thinking she meant the biggest in her mouth, I said, yes.  Then she said they were wiggly and asked if we could get her some of those Halloween teeth to wear.  She was asking if those were her adult teeth and though they would be falling out and not coming back.  Poor thing!