Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Here are a few pictures of our Halloween Weekend.  Sam tried on our Darth Vader costume to let his cousin borrow.  We went Trick-or-Treating with my sister in her neighborhood since a visit with her was way overdue.  We couldn't stay long since we had to get back for Leah's soccer game but the kids enjoyed some cousin time.

 My sister allowed the girls to come to the Vet. Clinic where she works because we are studying biology this year and I wanted them to get some real life experience.  They were very impressed.  She showed them heart worms, tape worms, yeast in a microscope, x-rays, and then let them watch her put a cast on a cat's leg.  It was very cool and tied in a lot of things they had learned that year.  They came home and played Vet. Clinic for days.

 They each had a name tag, made collars for cats and made their vet clinic under our porch.

 Here is the pumpkin they took turns carving this year.
 And the pumpkin decorations Alex's godparents sent him.
 Here is our cat Julio on the right and the neighbor's cat on the left.  The black cat in the other picture is our neighbor's cat but won't allow the kitten below to get anywhere near their house so it lives and eats with our cat, who likes it.
Leah's last soccer game was the day after Halloween so here she is in a few action shots.  It was VERY cold!!

 Here is some more costume play!