Sunday, June 7, 2015

Colonial Birthday Party

We only have birthday parties for our 5 and 10 year olds and then maybe something small when they turn 13 or 16 but we haven't gotten there yet.  Katelyn turned 10 this year and she wanted a Colonial Birthday party.  She invited all her friends from homeschool group and a couple of neighbors.

We went to Williamsburg a couple years ago which the kids loved so we did a little version of Williamsburg for the party.

First the girls went to the Apothecary (our kitchen) and ground some mint from our garden to put in a bag to take home.  It makes really good mint tea.

Next, they went to the print shop and used stamps to make notes, letters, or newspapers. They were very creative and make some very cute things.

We ate colonial foods for lunch or as close as we could get:  green beans with almonds, cornbread and apple butter, chicken salad, and baked beans.  To drink we served raspberry tea, root beer, ginger ale, apple juice, or water.   For dessert, Katelyn's favorite has always been lemon bars so we had lemon bars and ginger snap cookies.

 Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the hop scotch (or scotch-hoppers as colonial children called it) or the hoop and stick (hoola hoops and dowel rods).  I also didn't get any pictures of the pomanders they made at the end of the party.

Last, they went to the general store to choose some old fashioned candies to take home.  Each child got an apple, we tied the color ribbon on that they wanted, and then they used skewers to poke holes in the apple and add cloves.  We were going to do oranges but Katelyn said that she read that they did not have oranges because they could only grow apples in colonial times.  Here are a couple of pictures taken after the party.

Here are a couple extra pictures from the party.  We are so lucky to have such great friends.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Well, the last time we went to my sister's house was Halloween and considering I never post anymore, I guess it is fitting that the next time we went to my sister's house would be my next post.  We let the kids get their baskets, ate breakfast, and went to mass.  Then we had an egg hunt later in the day which they all loved.  They always have so much fun playing with their cousins!!